Pageflakes @ Casey Grammar School – a winning combination!

At the end of 2008, Julie Squires and Mark Phillips from Casey Grammar School were awarded the then Education Channel’s (now Connect) ‘Webquest of the Year Award’ for their Webquest  “Earth 2.0 Headquarters – Is it possible to create a completely sustainable planet?”

is it possible to create a completely sustainable planet?

Earth 2.0: is it possible to create a completely sustainable planet?

Julie, then teacher librarian and Mark, then Head of Humanities decided to collaborate on a project that the year 10s could undertake.  Julie explains, ‘I was really motivated to have a go at entering the then Education Channel/SLAV Webquest of the Year Competition (now Connect/SLAV). Although time was short, we got our page together and had a number of students ‘test drive’ and critique the site.’ The students suggested that Julie and Mark add more games and make it ‘more fun’.’

The Webquest has a lot of links, mostly devised by Julie and Mark. These include a wiki, several vokis, trading cards and a blog.

Earth 2.0 wiki

Earth 2.0 wiki

After taking the students ideas into consideration, Julie and Mark completed the site and entered it into the competition. The rest is history! Julie and Mark created their Webquest using the Pageflakes Web 2.0 resource. Congratulations to Julie and Mark for creating a vibrant and engaging piece of work for their students. Their recognition by winning the 2008 Webquest and Beyond! Competition was richly deserved.

2 thoughts on “Pageflakes @ Casey Grammar School – a winning combination!

  1. Hi Judith,
    Just wanted to say congratulations on a fantastic resource. I have visited Bright Ideas a lot over the months and have always found something useful and innovative to take away; the latest being this gem! This is a fantastic example of combining interdisciplinary teaching and learning with information literacy skills. Brilliant!
    Congratulations on creating a forum for sharing ideas. This blog makes us better teacher-librarians!

  2. Thanks Maree, but the success of the blog really rests on the efforts of all the wonderful library staff out there in libraryland doing great things and then taking the time to share. So a big thank you to all who have contributed and an invitation to those who haven’t yet been able to contribute for whatever reason.

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