One to one professional learning

Have you had a tough time getting Web 2.0 tools on the agenda at your school? No matter what you try, those in power aren’t listening? Then why not try the idea of ‘one to one professional learning’. The idea here is that you chip away at people until they give in to the power of Web 2.0 – one by one.

One to one professional learning can be held during spare periods so that staff do not feel that this is ‘just one more thing to deal with after school’. By teaching one person at a time, the sessions are casual and fun, without the need to monitor large groups who need their hands held. And one of the philosophies behind the program is that the person you teach goes on to teach another person that particular tool. This takes the strain off library staff and empowers learners to teach and reinforce their learnings. This survey  may help you to introduce the topic to staff via a group email. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “One to one professional learning

  1. I must agree that Teacher have so much that they must still do in there day – yet another task of learning all about web 2.0 tools seems like yet another task.

    If teachers were given some one on one and provided with a mentor or Web 2.0, Ed technology Coach that they could begin to adapt their lessons and incorporate ICT into what they currently comfortable in doing. They would be much more enthused to play and experiement.


  2. Hi Kylie, you are right that teachers are very often overwhelmed with everything they have to deal with. However, if we can help them to incorporate Web 2.0 into their teaching, it becomes another way of teaching, rather than just another thing to deal with.

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