Scribblemaps is a fairly simple tool that uses Google Maps and tools such as the ability to add text, images, shapes and so on.

Scribblemap homepage

Scribblemap homepage

Students can easily map where the action in a book takes place, add an image of the cover and perhaps some images of the suburb or city where the book is set. Maps can be saved and accessed later but it is vital that the code on the address line is saved for the next session. Students do not need to register for the site, but need to enter a password and keep track of their map codes. Scribblemaps is available in twelve languages.

The best part of Scribblemaps is how easy it is to use.

3 thoughts on “Scribblemaps

  1. It looks terrific – but you know, those ads for single dating services on the side means that students won’t be able to access it at school. What a shame – it would be great for literary maps!

  2. I wasn’t aware negative ads were coming up on my service, I am going to work on eliminating them.

    Also, we recently added the ability to save maps as jpegs, so I think this could be really useful for teachers making materials for the class room.

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