BookGlutton is a website for the book glutton in all of us. It provides a number of online book clubs where readers can select which type of group/s they’d like to join whether it be by book or by friendship group.


Full text books can be read online without the need for a specialised e-book reader. BookGlutton also offers notes for books that you are interested in reading. Readers have the ability to read, annotate and discuss books online. Some more information is available here:



More help in the form of FAQs can be accessed as well.

BookGlutton is a very clever idea melding, two of the burgeoning areas of reading; e-books and book groups.

One thought on “BookGlutton

  1. This is brilliant! I am reading Ulysses at the moment with Team Ulysses at DoveGreyReader, and the BookGlutton tab feature is just perfect for annotating the text as I go so that I can refer to it later in discussion.
    I think it would be fantastic with secondary and tertiary students who are reading complex books: appealing to 21st century students but also ensuring that they do actually read the book!

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