BBC teachers

The BBC have done it again with a fabulous website for learning and teaching.

BBC teachers

BBC teachers has a raft of information for teachers and students including:

  • video clips on BBC programs
  • podcasts 
  • lesson plans
  • worksheets
  • BBC iPlayer
  • news
  • languages
  • links, activities and resources.

Although obviously primarily aimed at the UK and Ireland, BBC teachers has some useful content for teachers in Australia and beyond.

3 thoughts on “BBC teachers

  1. I think this is a great site but have you found that you can’t play the video clips? It says “not available in your area” when I try. I don’t think I’ve had any luck with the BBC iPlayer in the past either. It’s a shame but the rest of the BBC resources are great.

  2. Those of us who live and work outside Australia often have similar problems with some Australian video clips. I have been told that this is a copyright issue.

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