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Anyone with a Google account may have noticed a new option in the last few days. The TechCrunch website says that ‘if Google wave is the future, then Google Buzz is the present’. A cross between Twitter, Facebook and other social networking tools, Google hope that Gmail users will find Buzz ‘the easiest way to share online’.

Google Gets Social

Read the excellent TechCrunch article here.

Thanks to @libraryfuture for the link to this YouTube video from Google:

4 thoughts on “Google Buzz

  1. I don’t know. I have yet to see the value, what with Facebook for my family and friends connections and Twitter for my professional connections, I can’t quite get excited about yet one more place to manage my ‘shared” self.

    • I think you are right. Facebook and Twitter have millions of dedicated followers already. However, I can see how Google would love all of us to use all of and only their tools.

    • I think Google want to replace Facebook and Twitter, but they have been a bit slow as like you, I am sure most people (including me) aren’t keen for yet another place.

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