It’s Elementary!

Tamra Lanning has created a very useful blog, specifically for primary (elementary) school teachers. It’s Elementary is developing a nice collection of literacy, numeracy and other tools suitable for primary aged students.

It's Elementary

Although It’s Elementary is a new blog, readers can immediately tell that Tamra is a committed teacher who loves her job. You can find Tamra on Twitter:

4 thoughts on “It’s Elementary!

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. It really means a lot, as I’m sure you know, to hear that someone appreciates the work you put into something. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog as well.

    • Thanks Tamra. It is great to get good feedback and support, and the Blogging Alliance set up by Kelly Tenkely has ensured that lots of us bloggers do get that support and feedback on a regular basis.

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