The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book

This free eBook written by Terry Freedman address the challenges facing anyone introducing web 2.0 into schools and then proceeds to showcase a number of web 2.0 projects that have been developed and implemented successfully into schools. Although written for a UK audience, there is an enormous amount that is applicable to Australian (and international) schools.

The are hyperlinks to the projects that have been developed so that readers can get a real feel for the teaching and learning that occurred within each project. Each project also contains:

  • Age range
  • Applications used
  • Description of the project
  • Project URL
  • Challenges that had to be overcome and
  • Reactions and outcomes (including quotes from students).

Full reviews of each project enables interested parties to assess if they could use or adapt projects for their own schools. Solutions to cybersafety are also addressed.

If you are wanting to address the use of (or lack thereof) web 2.0 tools in your school, The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book is an excellent beginning.

Thanks to Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers for leading me to this resource!

7 thoughts on “The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book

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    • Yes, we are showcasing some great projects. Does a “book” make it more noticeable than a few posts though? Should we publish all the great projects in our own “book”?

  2. Sure, Tania, we’ve been doing Web 2.0 stuff in schools for ages now. The book raps run by the NSW DET’s School Libraries & Information Literacy Unit were originally run via email listserv

    but have been in a blog form since 2008, eg:
    * Wilfrid
    * Bear & Chook.

    There have been groups of teachers and students (K-12) in schools all over Australia (and even a few international locations) who’ve been successfully using blogs, wikis and interactive digital story tools to explore Web 2.0:
    Archive of raps

    And all of these have been written up in “Scan”, the NSW DET’s professional journal.

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