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Worth readingKerrie Smith, Education Officer for Education Services Australia, brought to the attention of the OZTL_NET  discussion list A.D. Rundle Middle School’s intention to use Apple’s Frog Dissection app for the i-pad. This would be part of the Chilliwack school district’s Mobile Technology Innovation Project. Below is the article in the Chilliwack Times that reports on the pilot project:

Chilliwack Times

Frog Dissection by Emantras Inc. is explained in detail on Apple’s website:

Frog Dissection

This is the science teacher’s answer to the squeamish and animal rights activist students. After seeing this amazing app I wanted to see other i-pad apps that could be used in teaching and learning (as opposed to the ones aimed at students. TCGeeks outlines some of these here: ’10 i-pad apps you don’t want to go to school without’ (August 2010)).

Apple has thousands of apps, and conveniently outlines many by subject and by function (e.g. reference, and collaboration): 

Apple apps

i-pads are perhaps very worthy of a place in schools. For example, in Shepparton, Victoria, Wanganui Park Secondary College’s year seven students now have an i-pad to replace some textbooks and, as principal Ken Murray believes, to potentially increase student engagement (Shepparton News 1st February 2011). The question remains, how effective are i-pad apps when used in teaching and learning? I look forward to reading the research on this.

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