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Evernote cuts-back the time taken to collect, find, and organise your information. It is a really worthwhile tool that can be accessed on nearly every computer, phone, and mobile device. It enables you to save anything, from something you have seen in a website, to an image, sound, or scanned document. When you need to retrieve information again, you can search by keyword or tag.  Below is Evernote’s introduction to what it has to offer:

Shep McAllister, a contributor to Hack College, believes that it is an ideal tool for school and has written ’10 great ways students can use Evernote to study smarter, not harder’:

Evernote tips for school

I love the idea of students (and educators) working smarter not harder. Evernote would be a very useful tool for those teachers finding it hard to keep track of all the resources for various classes; for students trying to collate material for study notes; for art students capturing images on an excursion; for students collecting information from various resources on a subject, and; more.

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  1. I love Evernote, I have been using it for years and was one of the beta testers. Unfortuantely it is blocked at school so has lost some of its punch for me, but I can still get stuff through my mobile, not the greatest for all things. @Home it is my go too for saving stuff important or interesting to me and I share a notebook with friends interstate for planning a holiday this year, so incredibly convenient.

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