Worth watching: Sir Ken Robinson on 'Learning to be creative'

Worth watching: Sir Ken Robinson on ‘Learning to be creative’

Sir Ken Robinson’s talk at Learning without frontiers (March 16th 2011) is entitled ‘Out of our minds: Learning to be creative’. It is about valuing the arts in the redesign of education. View an edited version here:

Guest post: Class blog 'Learning Together' by Marie Kennedy

Guest post: Class blog ‘Learning Together’ by Marie Kennedy

Marie Kennedy is a prep teacher at St. Luke the Evangelist School, Blackburn South, Victoria. Marie and her prep students’s class blog, Learning Together, is a wonderful example of how web 2.0 tools can be used to support and extend teaching and…

An online maths dictionary for kids

An online maths dictionary for kids

A maths dictionary for kids, by Jenny Eather, is an interactive dictionary where over 600 mathematical terms are explained in simple language, with easy-to-follow diagrams. For example, if a student wanted to know about an acute angle, they will discover it is ‘an…

What game is hot in March?

March has continued to see tower defense games being played in our secondary school library before school and at lunchtimes (and during class time if they can sneak it). Bloons Tower Defense has taken a back-seat this month to Plants vs…

Guest post: Kilbreda College Library by Louise McInerney

Guest post: Kilbreda College Library by Louise McInerney

Louise McInerney is a teacher librarian and library coordinator at Kilbreda College, Mentone, Victoria. The library website of Kilbreda College has a wonderful catalogue of resources the library can provide, but, as Louise says ‘we also include links to six local…

Performing arts resources

Performing arts resources

ArtsAlive.ca is the performing arts educational website by the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is an amazing site that, among other things, has performing arts related resources for teachers and students. ArtsAlive.ca has heaps of great tools…

The time for libraries is now – Ned Potter

Why are libraries and librarians so important? Have a look at this: The time for Libraries is NOW View more presentations from Ned Potter

Blog for art teachers: the seventh string

Blog for art teachers: the seventh string

A creative blog for art teachers is the seventh string byDavid Hulston (England). Hulston has 20 years of experience working in education, and brings this to his blog. The blog provides examples of art creations by different year levels that will inspire art teachers. There are…

What's on in April?

What’s on in April?

Below are some of the things on offer by SLV for the month of April. You may need to book to attend some of these events, so get in early!  Monday April 4th (10am – 2pm) and Tuesday April 5th (10am – 2pm), Children’s…

Creative commons made simple

The below poster was created by Karlisson Bezzera (Brazil), a blogger who goes under the name of Nerdson. Bezerra manages to explain creative commons in an easy-to-follow comic strip. The text has been translated from the original Portugese (not by…