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AlertThe fabulous Personal Learning Network (PLN) program begins 9th May 2011!

The PLN  is a brilliant online program offered by SLV in partnership with SLAV, developed by and for teachers and teacher librarians. The program offered can transform your teaching, giving you the skills to build a network of like-minded educators to share resources and learning with, to manage online content, and will provide you with opportunities to learn and use web 2.0 tools that have the potential to enhance teaching and learning. In a supportive environment you can work your way through a 12-unit mentored program.

You can participate as an individual or as part of a school team. For more information and to book yourself a spot, click on the SLV link below:


3 thoughts on “ALERT – PLN program details

  1. The PLN is great, I took part in this program last year. This amazing and exciting program involved many hours, lots of ideas and lots of fun. But the new skills I have developed and even just the chance to try new things has been great and well worth the time it took to complete. I now have the confidence to continue to explore Web 2.0 and to develop my skills even more. I am a library technician so it’s not just for teachers. Well worth doing.

  2. I would agree with Julie. This PD, in which 8 of our staff participated last year, has had long lasting effects on our school. Many of the tools learnt during the program, continue to be used a year later and have enhanced our teaching and learning. We would heartily recommend the program.

    The development of diverse Personal learning networks is also a wonderful highlight.

    Celia Coffa

  3. I can’t recommend partipation in the PLN program enough! Having completed the program just on a year ago, I most thoroughly recommend it to others. The opportunity to learn and share in a ‘sheltered’ environment, to build upon prior learning and to be exposed to a range of new skills all at once is fantastic. If you are hesitating to get involved, don’t! If you are nervous that you don’t know much about all this ‘web’ stuff – forget it. This is an opportunity to jump in feet first and just give it a ‘go’!! You’ll be amazed at what you will achieve!

    Bev Novak

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