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Dr. Helen Boelens is the founder and board member of ENSIL (European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacies) and in December 2010 was awarded her degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the Middlesex University, School of Arts and Education. During her doctoral research Dr. Boelens was helped by ‘many Australian colleagues’, as well as others from around the world. Dr. Boelens has contacted Bright Ideas to pass on her appreciation to all those who helped her with her research. The design of the latest READ poster was arranged by Dr. Boelens as a sign of her appreciation.

READThe READ poster comes in size A3 and size A4, and can be used digitally or printed off from the ENSIL website.

Worth readingDr Boelens’s thesis The evolving role of the school library and information centre in education in digital Europe is available from the ENSIL website also.

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