SLV’s ‘Shaun Tan: untold stories’

As a huge fan of Shaun Tan (Australian author, illustrator, and Oscar winner) I am very excited that I can view the video of Tan’s talk ‘Shaun Tan: untold stories’, that was presented at the State Library of Victoria on March 17th 2011. Living in country Victoria, it is hard to get to all events in Melbourne, so access to videos makes my life much easier. 

Shaun Tan: untold stories

During the illustrated 48 minute talk Tan shows pages of his sketchbooks and explains how a simple image can evolve into a complex story. I love his message to accept the messy creative process. A must view for art teachers, english teachers, teacher librarians, and anyone who is a fan! Teachers would be able to show excerpts of the talk in class to offer inspiration to many students. Also definately worth exploring, Tan’s fabulously illustrated website:

Tan's website

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