SLAV vodcasts support VCE students

One of SLAV’s FUSE projects is the vodcasts that are on the Merspi site. SLAV talks about Merpi and The VCE Advantage vodcasts below:

Merspi is a free online social networked learning hub for VCE students. Students are able to ask questions and have them answered by members of the community. All information is self-organised through Web 2.0 tagging and user votes. This project leverages on this learning community by establishing a bank of videos that share strategies for the development of transferable skills that instill independent learning behaviours and deeper web-based research understandings.


We are delighted to announce the launch of The VCE Advantage a series of vodcasts that SLAV has developed in collaboration with Merspi.

These vodcasts provide tips, research strategies, guidance and pointers to useful resources to support VCE studies. Topics range from study and survival skills through to essay writing, power searching, online tools for organising and presenting, as well as tips for VCE English.

Find a way to alert your students and VCE teachers to these vodcasts:

  • highlight them on your library website,
  • screen them in your library,
  • suggest them as resources for VCE orientation and information sessions,
  • email VCE students and teachers!

Go and have a look at The VCE Advantage video series here.

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