bitly + for maths class

bitly has been designed to allow you to shorten, share, and track URLs. You may have seen it used in Twitter, where the reducation of the url length makes it easier to stay within the character limit. What you may not know is that bitly’s real-time link tracker provides statistics and analytics. Sign-up to bitly is free, and a maths class studying statistics could have fun examining how many times their blog has been hit, or, if using twitter, how many times a tweet (mathematics based of course) has been retweeted. Tracking stats are provided once users shorten their long links with bitly and click on the ‘infopage +’ (on your homepage in bitly). You can also add a + sign to the end of any bitly link, so students could examine the statistics of their favourite website, video, online game, etc.. Maths class just got a whole lot more interesting.


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