Dr. Joyce Valenza’s TLNing and SLAV conference

Educators around the world are benefiting from the work of Dr. Joyce Valenza. Dr. Valenza is a teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School in Erdenheim, Philadelphia, USA. Dr. Valenza is an inspiration to many in her endeavour to provide the best learning opportunities for her students and to inspire educators to use ICT tools in their teaching and learning, to equip themselves and their students with the tools they need to evolve in the 21st century world of multi-information. Her work is accessible through her various networks. One of these is TLNing , a place ‘for those of us who connect, teach, share, and lead in new information landscapes’. There are close to 6000 members of the ning, and here you will find educators sharing their experiences with web 2.0, trying new things, giving tips on how to connect with students, creating networks, undertaking professional development, and being inspired by each other. Dr. Valenza created the ning, and is an active member. Once you register you will be able to access member pages, read blogs, view any videos and photos, access the forum, and more.

Dr. Valenza will be in Australia to speak at the SLAV conference ‘Communicate, collaborate, create: and think critically!’ in Melbourne on 29th July. There are still some places available at the conference. The registration form is below:

Communicate, collaborate, create: and think critically! 

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