SLAV conference with Joyce Valenza

Communicate, collaborate, create: and think critically!
School Library Association of Victoria Conference
29 July 2011 – Melbourne

Featuring: Joyce Valenza, dynamic, leading teacher librarian and school library ‘change maker’.
SLAV is excited that Joyce is returning to Melbourne to continue a journey we started with her in 2010. She is an inspiration to all educators and provides inspiration and ideas at a time when schools are moving to 1:1 computing and a digital learning. At a time when many are struggling with the survival of their school libraries, Joyce shows that this is an exciting time for learning and that the school library now has an expanded role with the focus on enabling the learning.  She is an inspiration to all educators and provides a strong, positive message for the resourcing of learning today. Join us in continuing this journey of inspiration and enablement of learning in a time of communication, collaboration and creativity.  See the registration form for details or visit the SLAV website.

Joyce’s presentation from the SLAV 2011 conference

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