Power searching

Two new videos from the VCE Advantage series.

These two fantastic vodcasts contributed by Di Ruffles, from Melbourne High School, are perfect for VCE students but also for students at any secondary level. They will instantly improve online searching strategies!

Use them in your information literacy program, with your classes and alert students and teachers (and parents) to them. Power Searching 1 explores the power of effective searching using Google – a handy resource for those who complete research online! Take at look at the impact of quotation marks in searching, title searching and the list goes on.

Power Searching 2 explores Google searching in more detail and builds on Power Searching 1 with URL, file type and timeframe searching becoming the focus.

The vodcasts are available via the VCE Advantage link on the merspi front page,  directly from the merspi YouTube channel and through FUSE for all schools – search for them by title.

We’ll bring you more of these new merspi vodcasts over the coming days and weeks.

4 thoughts on “Power searching

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  2. Great video. Short, sharp and clear. I have emailied this link to our teaching staff. Really useful. Thanks Di.

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