Future of Education: search literacy

This Friday at 12pm AEST time, Steve Hargadon will be hosting a panel discussion on search literacy as part of his Future of Education series.

The panel for the session includes Google Search Education Fellow, Tasha Bergson-Michelson and Debbie Abilock, multi-award winning librarian, curriculum advisor and content developer for Noodle tools.

The group will be addressing questions like:

  • Is everything we need online?
  • How do you teach students to be resilient in their technology use, especially with web tools constantly changing?
  • What role to schools play in teaching search literacy skills?

Future of education

Sessions are run in Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate) so you can ask questions and be involved in the discussion if you’re able to log in at the scheduled time. Otherwise all the sessions are recorded and you can listen to them in your own time.

Future of Education is an interview series which features many significant thinkers from  international education and technology communities including the likes of Sir Ken Robinson, Will Richardson and Howard Gardner.

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