FUSE learning resources – a NEW look!


FUSE, the resource portal for Victorian educators, early learning, primary and secondary students has just got better. It’s had a facelift!  If you are a regular user of FUSE, you don’t need to be convinced of the relevant, high quality learning resources and links to Victorian and Australian organisations contained within it. If you are an educator and are not using FUSE regularly, or directing your students to it, now’s the time to explore!

So often we look to overseas sites for learning resources, overlooking materials prepared specifically for Victorian schools.  The new look FUSE is clean and easy to navigate.

Learn about:

This barely scratches the surface but is an indication of the breadth of resources.

There’s a login level of access and functionality available to Victorian government school students and teachers only, nonetheless, FUSE is recommended as a valuable portal for all educators. It saves time, guides students to appropriate resources and makes direct links to VCAA Curriculum documentation.  Spend some time with it as you reflect upon the year and plan ahead for 2017.