In collaboration – readers, stories, literacy

An partnership between School Library Association of Victoria and The Kids Bookshop has been formed to present a professional development program of workshops focussing on young readers, their reading habits and growth as readers.  Literacy is the key to success for all learners, influencing the way they see the world and the experiences they can share.

Readers,  Stories, Literacy – A forum for learning and discussion will offer news, views and strategies for motivating your readers with books and stories to provide positive literacy outcomes.   The five workshops, to be held between April and October 2017, will be presented by highly accredited children’s literature specialists and are designed to suit both primary and secondary educators and library staff.

Below is a summary of the workshops.  Full details are available at The Kids Bookshop

27 April (Primary) – Venue: Xavier College Library (Burke Hall)
New Books to share (The Kids’ Bookshop)
Literacy – with a focus on reading programs incorporating thinking skills and digital technologies in reading response (Dr Susan La Marca)
Guest author/Book Launch: Felice Arena, The Boy and the Spy

22 June (Secondary) – Venue: Melbourne High School Library
New Books to Share (The Kids’ Bookshop)
The Classroom Novel – tried, true and new plus resources to support taking a risk with your text selection (The Kids’ Bookshop)
Guest Author: Robert Newton, Mr Romonov’s Garden in the Sky

2 August (Primary) – Venue: Genazzano FCJ College Library
New books to Share (The Kids’ Bookshop)
Literacy – strategies to keep ALL children engaged with reading with a view to enhancing literacy achievement (Dr Pam McIntyre)
Guest author: Susannah McFarlane, The D-Bot Squad

21 September (Secondary) – Venue: Albert Park College Library
New books to Share (The Kids’ Bookshop)
Language – Yes, you can select novels rich with language and complex themes and enhance language development AND engage readers! (Laura Gordon)
Guest author: (TBC)

19 October (Primary/Secondary) – Venue: Abbotsford Convent Community Room
New Books to share (The Kids’ Bookshop)
Language and Literacy – the importance of non-fiction books in an online world (TBC)
Selecting books for awards and graduation (for both primary and secondary students) (The Kids’ Bookshop)
Guest authors: Carol Wilkinson, Ten Pound Pom PLUS two additional guests for our grand finale!

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