Using Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate creates a virtual room where we can chat, see a shared presentation and participate in discussions.

What you’ll need:

  • Java  installed on your computer (most computers already have this). Test your Java here.
  • Headphones so you can listen to the presentation. If you have a microphone too you can add your voice to the discussion, but you can always do that via the chat.
There are also mobile Blackboard Collaborate apps for Android and IOS (Apple) devices.

The Victorian DEECD has a helpful guide to getting started with Blackboard Collaborate. Visit their Blackboard Collaborate page for links to installing Java, accessing the training room and more.

We have also produced a video showing you how to use the DEECD page to install Java and access the training room. View the video below and make sure you have the DEECD  support page open as you step through the tasks.

The day before the session

When you first go to the web conference training area, the Collaborate software will download to your computer. Do this a day or so before the session, so you know it works. You can have a play in the training room – click on the various buttons to see what they do.

The first step when you enter a room is to introduce yourself, and then have a check of your audio settings. For our sessions staff will be on hand to help you, but to familiarise yourself with the process, as well as how to text chat, speak with a microphone and give feedback watch our Blackboard Collaborate: In the room video tutorial below.


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