Visual calendar

The very creative Mandy Barrow (@mbarrow), who is an ICT Consultant, Teacher, Cub Leader and creator and web manager of the excellent Woodlands Junior School (UK) website has devised a visual calendar for 2010. Mandy has agreed to share her calendar with readers of Bright Ideas.


Mainly useful for Primary aged students, there are many days and links that are applicable to Australia. The calendar would be ideal for a brief early morning IWB session a few times a week as it is sure to launch discussions and activities on many different topics.

Mandy has also developed many other first-rate pages such as:

British History

World History


Houses & Homes

History of London

Florence Nightingale

Kings & Queens

Battle of Trafagar

Guy Fawkes

Bayeaux Tapestry

History Timeline

Literacy Zone

Maths Zone

Science Zone

Putting together pages like these is an extremely time consuming task and a big thank you to Mandy for sharing them.


CalendarFly is an ingenious idea. It is a way of synchronising the calendars of groups and ensuring that all users have the same information.

Teachers can register groups on CalendarFly and as soon as they add events to their group calendar, all users’ callendars are updated automatically. So if there is an excursion coming up, or a sports day, one addition to the group calendar by the teacher updates the calendar of each and every student.

CalendarFly homepage
CalendarFly homepage

Great for sporting teams who have fixtures, for music lessons and rehearsals, meetings and so on, whole families can keep track of their events. With each family member allocated a different colour, it is easy to see who has to be where when.

Calendars remain private and cannot be viewed by the world at large. A great idea for the school meeting schedule as well.