Science Museum

The UK’s Science Museum has some excellent online resources for teaching and learning.

Science museum

Covering ages from 3-16 (via Foundation and Key Stages 1-4) there is a variety of resources such as:

  • Foundation and Key Stage 1 (ages 3-7): sounds, bubbles and force
  • Key Stage 2 (7-11): electricity, forces and motion, light, materials and sound
  • Key Stage 3 (11-14): electricity and magnetism, energy transfer, light and materials
  • Key Stage 4 (14-16): how science works, electricity and magnetism and materials.

Each area of study includes:

  • Educational objectives
  • Key student learning
  • Materials needed
  • Practicalities
  • Open ended investigations
  • Extension work
  • Links to everyday life

Educators can also subscribe to the ‘Educators’ e-news‘ for updates. This site is highly recommended.