TL Virtual Cafe

The TL Virtual Cafe wiki is the home of Webinar events for teacher and school librarians worldwide.

tl virtual cafe

These events are listed on the wiki and are free for anyone anywhere. As long as you have Java installed on your computer and you have a headset with microphone, you can be a part of the action via the Elluminate online conferencing platform. The events will be held on a monthly basis.

One nice little surprise is that these events are held out of school hours for US participants, which means they occur at around 12noon AEDT or 9am Perth time. The event held on 1 March (2 March in Australia)  – School Library Web Presence – had 177 participants and was extremely stimulating.

All  links for the Webinars are available on the wiki. Organisers are keen to have input on forthcoming topics, so stop by, join up and have your say.