Library tours on Historypin

We recently came a across a great application of Historypin, a tool which lets you attach media to specific locations on a map.

Judith Way has created a virtual tour of Australian (and a few international) school libraries showcasing different approaches to library design and function. It’s a great example of how we can use tools like Historypin to share our learning and expertise with colleagues.

Tools like Pinterest could also be used to showcase library spaces and displays online.

virtual tours 2

You can look at individual libraries, view by location or follow the tour.

virtual tours 3

Bialik College

The library staff at Bialik College are preparing for their new library to be completed. In the meantime, they have produced a number of resources about the library. These include:

Information about the new Bialik library building including:

  • facts about the new library,
  • construction photos and floor plans,
  • information on the spaces in the new building, and
  • how the new library will support teaching the curriculum and build a culture of learning, independent thinking, and reading within the Bialik community.

A number of photos of the construction of the library are also available here. We thank David Feighan, the Director, Libraries and Learning Resources and his team for providing this exciting information and look forward to seeing the physical library completed along with more news on the developing virtual library.

The future of the library

With the Internet and a computer you can visit any library in the world. So will virtual libraries replace the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ library? Could digital screens replace the book? So asked Radio National during a recent broadcast.

Radio National has now given interested people access to the podcast where the discussion focuses on ‘The future of the library’. First broadcast on Thursday 26th March, guests included Lea Giles-Peters, who is the Queensland State Librarian; Bob Stein from The Institute of the Book, online writing and publishing and Hamilton Wilson, the Managing Director of Wilson Architects.