School Library Websites

The School Library Websites wiki provides examples of best practice school library websites that covers Elementary (Primary), Middle School and High School (although there doesn’t seem to be any examples of High Schools as yet).

School lib web site 1

Many of the sites featured are from the US, but any school library professional is welcome to join and submit their own websites to the lists. As the wiki states:

This site is meant as a wiki-clearinghouse of effective practice.  It is, by no means, a comprehensive list. Rather, it represents the collective recommendations of participating colleagues. Please join us by contributing your own suggestions of exemplars of effective practice.)

In addition, there are links to

Our practice:
Book and Reading Promotion
Digital Storytelling
Inquiry/Information Fluency Instruction
Digital Citizenship
Building Tools
Knowledge Building Centers

This wiki is well worth a visit.

Best educational wikis of 2009

The very kind Helen Boelens pointed Bright Ideas to the Wikispaces blog that lists a number of award winning educational wikis.

best wikis 2009

The winner and the two runners up from the Edublogs Best Educational Wikis of 2009 category are featured:

The Wikispaces blog also has tips and tricks on getting the best out of your Wikispaces wiki.