Looking for an online brainstorming tool? bubbl.us could be the answer.

The bubbl.us website says you can:

  • Create colorful mind maps online
  • Share and work with friends
  • Embed your mind map in your blog or website
  • Email and print your mind map
  • Save your mind map as an image
  • bubbl.us is ideal for student collaboration and as the mind maps can be simply saved, printed or embedded into blogs, etc. students can include their brainstorming and planning in their assignment submission.

    An encouraging comment from a teacher via the bubbl.us blog:

               Ben Davis describes how Bubbl.us helped his students to network.

    Typically I have trouble getting them to get excited about word webs. However, they were VERY excited about doing this. The guys loved how the bubbles exploded when you deleted them, and the girls loved the colors. However, the thing they seemed most interested in was the fact that they could network.”

    Julie Squires of Casey Grammar also uses bubbl.us. with her VCE students (thanks Julie for alerting Bright Ideas to bubbl.us) and her use of it and other tools will be featured shortly.

    5 thoughts on “bubbl.us

    1. Just had a go at the bubbl.us mind mapping for my masters assignment and it is great fun and easy to use. Thanks for the tip! Now to try and get it to my blog…

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    3. Yes, will also try this with my students. Looks user friendly once you get the idea of which bubbles copy and which are the main branches. I imagine that the kids will get the hang of this quickly. Louise

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