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Victoria’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has released stage one of their new website. FUSE; Find, Use and Share quality Education resources is set to be revolutionary for teachers by the time it is complete by early 2010. Even now, it has many features both for Victorian DEECD employed teachers and others outside of this system. Teachers can log in using their Edumail details to access extra content and features.

FUSE homepage

FUSE homepage

FUSE is the one place to get everything you need for teaching and learning. It also provides the ability to save, bookmark and package items for later access. So if you are looking for items such as URLs, documents and videos for teaching a unit of work, they can be found, saved and packaged for easy access at a later date. Teachers can also rate and comment on resources.

FUSE has been developed in conjunction with organisations such as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the State Library of Victoria, Scienceworks and Museum Victoria

Innovation and Next Practice Branch Assistant General Manager Katrina Reynen at the release of FUSE

Innovation and Next Practice Branch Assistant General Manager Katrina Reynen at the release of FUSE

Teachers are ecouraged to upload to FUSE. Documents, URLs, videos and more are accepted in all types of formats.

FUSE is the total online planning tool that will be the virtual library inside the Ultranet, once the Ultranet is released. Teachers can begin using this fabulous tool now with the confidence that it will be a major part of the Ultranet.

Bright Ideas has already uploaded a document, a URL and a video to FUSE to share with other teachers.

3 thoughts on “FUSE – Find, Use, Share, Education

  1. Nice to see this one… I have had some involvement with KB:NG through the collaborative learning phase one innovations programme. Through this, I was able to trial this app at various stages from it’s early formative stage to the new look/feel FUSE.

    I look forward to the official launch in 2010. This will be a terrific resources for us all. There will be some nice features taking place ‘behind the scene’ that take a lot of worry and searching out of the picture.

    Teachers can get into it while behind the scene QA takes care of content control and a range of management issues like creative commons. This means, we teachers (and students/parents) can access FUSE to Find, Use, Share Education resources without doing extra leg work like looking for copyright etc.

    Needless to say there’s a lot more but you’ll find out soon enough. Regards to the “crew” if you’re reading this.

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