Taking Diigo beyond the bookmark

For anyone who hasn’t yet used Diigo, or anyone who uses it purely as bookmarking links for students may find the information on ‘Taking Diigo beyond the bookmark”  from Keith Crawford useful. Keith is a blogger who says

My site is part of my mission to help people and organizations understand how to use technology to accomplish their mission. I’ve been helping organizations implement technology for 10 years as a Network Engineer and I’ve been blogging for the past 5.  My desire is to help individuals and organizations realize the transformative power of technology.

His post on Taking Diigo beyond the boomark is an excellent one. With examples of both educational (such as creating reading lists for teachers and or students) and personal uses (DIY recipe collection), this post really makes you think about how the power of Diigo can be applied to many situations.


Worth a look, a think and a discussion with colleagues to see how you can take Diigo beyond the bookmark. You can access the Bright Ideas Diigo bookmarks here.

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