Shahi visual dictionary+

Shahi is a fantastic tool for ESL students, language and literacy learners.  “Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr images, and more!”

Shahi 1

A number of definitions are provided and are categorised into nouns and verbs. Visuals from Flickr, Google Image and Yahoo assist users in grasping the meaning. Hover over a photo and the photo is enlarged. Click on a photo and that takes you to the photographer’s site.

Shahi 2

Even words or phrases that are not recognised by the dictionary section are recognised by the photo section:

Shahi 3

Thanks to the wonderful Audrey Nay for alerting Bright Ideas to Shahi!

5 thoughts on “Shahi visual dictionary+

  1. This is an awesome tool, I use it a lot with my students and it really helps them to visualize definitions and concepts. Every once in a while we will get what seems like an odd result. These make excellent talking points as we try to dissect why the result would be included…it leads to some great deeper thinking!

    • What a great idea. Some people had reported a few ‘issues’. Thanks!

      I guess it is the same as using Google Image or YouTube. Check what you are going to use first. If you are still not happy, report it to the website operators. Remember that most dictionaries have words that some people would object to.

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