ReadCloud is a fascinating free site that may be useful for teacher librarians and English literature teachers.


ReadCloud offers free eBooks to either read online or to download and read later.  All books are those out of copyright, so expect classics like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations and War and Peace.

ReadCloud also offers online reading groups, and enables teachers to manage groups of readers, who can be added by invitation and kept private. Groups can add comments and make reading interactive and therefore more engaging and collaborative. There is also the opportunity to change the font of the text, search a dictionary and search the internet. This makes ReadCloud ideal for student use, however it could also be used for staff book clubs and private book groups.

This presentation explains more:

ReadCloud from LeBard on Vimeo.

ReadCloud is an Australian development and well worth investigating.

5 thoughts on “ReadCloud

  1. What a very cool site! I love the social aspect that Read Cloud offers with the ability to create reading groups. I can’t wait to give this a try with my students. Thanks!

  2. This looks brilliant. I will be checking this out over Easter.

    Have a lovely holiday and thank you for all the wonderful things that you blog about that enhance the activities for the children in my care.

  3. I realize thenerdyteacher above my post said this too, but I have been looking for something like this (I promise that was the first thought in my head when I read your post before I even saw his comment) 🙂 Thanks for sharing great resources!!!

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