Cathedrals 3D tour

Google Earth has a fantastic 3D tour of some of the most famous cathedrals in the world. By downloading Google Earth first, you are able to view exteriors and interiors of cathedrals such as

  • Notre Dame in Paris
  • St Paul’s Cathedral in London
  • Westminster Cathedral in London
  • Cologne Cathedral in Germany
  • Basilica of St Peter, Vatican City
  • St Mark’s Basilica, Venice
  • Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York
  • Basilica de Nossa Senhora in¬†Aparencida, Brazil

Photographs of other areas of interest nearby the cathedrals are also viewable. View this brief screencast to see how the 3D tour works.

This site has many uses for art, geography and religion classes. Well worth viewing!

2 thoughts on “Cathedrals 3D tour

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  2. This is SO neat, we used the 3D cathedrals as part of our Flight Day and virtual field trips around the world. If you can’t go there in person, you can’t beat a Google Earth tour.

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