A Book and a Hug

A Book and a Hug was created by US Children’s Services Librarian Barb Langridge.

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Barb explains why she developed the book recommendation site:

I created abookandahug.com to help you find a book for your child. It’s important to match children up with books they want to read. It can make all the difference in the world if you can figure out his or her “reading personality.” So, just who is your child and what does your child look for in a book? A Books For Boys page is coming soon to help you define your boy in book terms. A Books For Girls page will follow on its heels.

A new section for books set in or from Asia/Australia/Oceania has just been added to the site. Barb explains:

Welcome to the wonders of Australia, Asia and the islands of Micronesia. Everyone of us is a citizen of the entire planet so we are actually looking at the countries of our Earth neighbors when we spin the globe. This section of abookandahug.com has been designed to make it easy for young readers to explore this neck of the woods through books whether picture book or young adult titles. Our hope is that by reading stories from these countries, all children will see the connections between us and the many similarities between us. Through this knowledge hopefully will come acceptance and friendship.

Click on a the map to find the books from a country. We wish you wonderful journeys!

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Reading literature from specific locations is a great way for students around the globe to learn more about those countries and Barb would love to add recommendations from people in Australia, so please feel free to contact her to help develop this wonderful site.

Thanks to Barbara Braxton for passing on the  link to A Book and a Hug.

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