Feature blog – Glenys Lowden’s year 7 History blog

Lowther Hall AGS’s Head of Library Glenys Lowden has kindly agreed to share information on the development of her year 7 History blog.

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Glenys explains why there was a need for such a resource:

I have set up a Year 7 History blog for my class this year.  The main aim is to disseminate information to them through this source, have discussion when appropriate for tasks and include media content.

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It is great to see that Glenys is reinforcing students set tasks through the blog along with a range of resources. Looking at the number of comments from students, using the blog seems to be a popular way to learn. Another excellent resource from Glenys.

3 thoughts on “Feature blog – Glenys Lowden’s year 7 History blog

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  2. Wow, if only every student had a teacher like Glenys! I hope that students appreciate how fortunate they are to have a teacher who works so hard to make sure they are learning.

  3. Full marks to Glenys, in the past history was so boring, there was no life to it, everything was in book form or maybe a small film.
    But a blog with a history theme is a fantastic idea, the students can get a better understanding when they can blog thier questions and answers.

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