SLAV award winners 2010

Congratulations to the 2010 recipients of the School Library Association of Victoria awards.

Susan LaMarca – John Ward Award

Tania Sheko – SLAV Innovators Grant sponsored by Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd  – Links Plus

Camilla Elliott – SLAV Research Fellowship

I am particularly delighted that great friend and contributor to Bright Ideas, Tania Sheko was awarded the SLAV Innovators Grant. Regular readers of Bright Ideas would know that Tania has shared many of her web 2.0 projects and notes taken at conferences via Bright Ideas this blog would the poorer without generous contributors like her.

tania sheko

Tania has reflected on her award:

I was surprised and honoured to be awarded the SLAV Innovator’s grant. The role of the teacher librarian is very exciting, full of creative possibilities. Teacher librarians have the best job – making a difference to teaching and learning across the curriculum. I’ve enjoyed creating and writing my blogs immensely; they provide an open platform for authentic, real-life learning and interaction with a global audience. I owe so much to SLAV, for its forward thinking professional development and opportunities to connect to with other educators.

Congratulations to Susan, Tania and Camilla.

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