Edublogs awards thanks

Thank you so much to all of the people who nominated and voted for Bright Ideas and other social media for the 2010 Edublogs awards. The awards are particularly useful for finding and connecting with other like-minded educators. I know that I found a wealth of amazing educators via the 2009 awards.

Congratulations to everyone, particularly to all of the Australians who were nominated. Congratulations too to all of the winners and runners up in the 23 categories.

It is lovely to be nominated by peers. And so humbling and yet exciting to be awarded the “second runner up” (third) in the “Best Library Blog” category this year. Here are the details on all placegetters for 2010. In my opinion, all worthy of inclusion in your PLN.

8 thoughts on “Edublogs awards thanks

  1. Congratulations Judith! I’m thrilled to see Bright Ideas and the incredible effort you have expended over the year being recognized with this award. Very well deserved!

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