Art Project

Art and history teachers be amazed. Google’s Art Project is bringing famous museums and artworks to you.

Art Project

What a way to inspire your students! Show them around some of the world’s most famous museums, view brilliant artworks closer than you could ever get in ‘real life’, or get your students to create their own collections, that they are then able to share. Below is a close up of Vincent Van Gogh’s The Bedroom. It is truly breathtaking. What a way to teach technique.

The Bedroom

You can have virtual tours of rooms in places such as Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), The National Gallery of London, and the Palace of Versailles (Versailles). This is a fantastic resource that can take you places and show you things that you and your students may never see otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Art Project

  1. I am SO thrilled with this new addition from Google. Now we can begin to peek inside buildings! The opportunity to “take” our students to see art from around the world is astonishing to me.

    • It is amazing isn’t it! I have DLd the post to all the art and history teachers at the secondary school where I work. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others who would find a use for it.

  2. Sounds ungrateful but for such beautiful virtual tours, would be even better to have the option of some pleasant virtual tour guides to relate interesting commentary.

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