Facebook for Educators

Facebook for Educators has been developed to provide educators with an overview of how to use Facebook effectively for teaching and learning, with a strong focus on safety and digital citizenship. The authors are professionals who have been asked by Facebook to be the bridge between the social networking tool and educators. The site covers everything from developing your school’s policy about Facebook use, to providing ideas for professional development, and suggesting communities where you can share your experiences of using Facebook in the classroom. Although the site has an agenda, they do a great job of reminding educators the need to embrace the learning styles of the 21st century student.

Facebook for educators

One thought on “Facebook for Educators

  1. This is a nice start, but its not near good enough. If Facebook really wants to embrace its possible uses and an education tool, they need to create a parallel site for schools. As is, I can’t use Facebook in my middle school, if only because of the age restriction. Meanwhile, there are social networking sites for schools like Edmodo that filling the gap. If Facebook doesn’t want to get left behind, they need to get their act together!

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