Worth watching – Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Worth watchingJane McGonigal spoke at a TED conference in February 2010 on how gaming can be used to make a better world. This was a very controversial talk (as can be seen by the online comments).


Gaming could engage students in learning who are failing to achieve the required standards, yet in games are achieving fantastic results. Acknowledging their games and the skills required to play them may be a start. McGonigal talks about Wold of Warcraft, a game that requires great collaborative and problem solving skills where gamers are working to the best of their abilities. It wouldn’t hurt to let a student show the class how a skill they are learning, such as collaborating, is used in a game they are playing. Using components of games, such as exciting epic stories, can be a way to introduce a classroom activity that requires solving a real-world problem. Using web 2.0 tools that allow for global collaboration builds the collaborative community, and allowing students to achieve small goals along the way, may maintain their interest. Embracing gaming is embracing a student’s interest and learning strengths.

3 thoughts on “Worth watching – Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

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  2. World of warcraft is extremely violent and l do not agree that this is an appropriate way of teacher and demonstrating collaborative problem solving skills. It encourages student to be violent and l really feel that these types of games de-sentize children to the realities of cruelity, violence and harming others, without consequences. However, l do think there are some other games that do the same thing, eg. farmville,
    which requires people to collaborate and work together to prosper, build and manage money.

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