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Another hot hit from the VCE Advantage vodcast series – Online databases at the State Library of Victoria.

A wealth of information is available to students via the State Library of Victoria’s online databases, cataloguing a range of journal, magazines and even videos and e-books!
This video tells students what’s available to them and how to remotely connect to these via the SLV web site.This vodcast also has handy information about joining the State Library of Victoria.

A must for any VCE student! Make sure you show your students (and not just VCE students) and tell the teachers.

If you’re not in Victoria, your own state or national library will offer similar databases, as do many public libraries.

The vodcast is available via the VCE Advantage link on the merspi front page, directly from the merspi YouTube channel and through FUSE for all schools – search for it by title.

Thanks to Jenny Sergeant and SLAV for these updates on the new Merspi videos.

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