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Yen Wong, Learning Programs Officer at the State Library, explains a new Electronic Book Library service for all registered SLV users.

The State Library of Victoria has recently launched the Electronic Book Library (EBL) pilot to the public. The pilot will give the Library an opportunity to assess which books our users want to read.

This means that you will be able to download an ebook to read on your computer or ebook readers. Any downloads will be for paid by the library, thereby adding them to the Library’s collection.

The EBL collection is available to all Victorian registered SLV card holders. Registration with the State Library of Victoria is free and can be completed online

Once a book of interest is found, users can browse the book for 5 minutes for free. After that time, the option to download is provided.

Acessing ebooks:

1. From SLV’s homepage go to ‘Research tools‘ (top right corner)

2. Scroll down to eResources and either click from the Library or from home.

3. Select Encyclopaedias & dictionaries & ebooks

4. You will be asked to login with the barcode on your library card.

5. Search away!

You can also read a full guide to getting started with the EBL at the SLV website. 

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About Yen Wong

I am a librarian and have worked in public libraries, TAFE, and specialist libraries including the CFA and Vision Australia. Now I’m the Learning Programs Officer at SLV. My role focuses mainly on information literacy programs such as research skills, databases, newspapers, collection based workshops such as maps, genealogy, business, law, statistics, census records, book reviews, health/medicine, research for job seekers, and web searching. I am always on the lookout for new emerging teaching/learning/social trends, and for ideas that assist with developing new programs.

2 thoughts on “ebooks at the State Library

  1. I think this is a great idea for those who have an e-reader of some description. My only concern is – Is there someone who is filtering or assessing the material downloaded are there only certain items that can be added like non-fiction titles or novels with some kind of literary merit or is anything ok like your general romance or thriller type paperbacks. I personally don’t see anything wrong with being able to download whatever you like but also is there a finite amount to be spent on this collection or will the funds be there ongoing.

  2. Rachel
    That’s a good question. Downloadable books are confined to Australian non fiction books that have been preselected by State Library staff. This ensures that the integrity of the SLV’s collection policy is maintained.

    All the best

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