Hour of Code – coming soon!


In the space of just 3 years since the Hour of Code was launched in December 2013, it has grown into a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.  In that time the awareness of how computer programs work and the coding that drives them has become more accessible to students and they have taken to it with enthusiasm.

This year’s Hour of Code will be held during the week December 5-11, although you are not limited to dates and can host an Hour of Code all year round.  You can complete the challenge as a class or as an individual, there’s no limitation.

As we all become more digitally literate, terms such as algorithms and computational thinking are being better understood.   Discussions about Facebook’s algorithms in defining what you see in your social media feed and their role in the US Elections are making more sense.  We are surrounded by gadgets, devices, gaming and social media.  The Hour of Code is a creative activity that provides students with the opportunity to be more than just a bystander.  It takes some of the mystery out of digital tech and exposes students to a world of resources they can revisit and explore any time they like.

The new Victorian Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies Curriculum has clearly embedded digital technologies into learning.   Thanks to the Hour of Code, the resource bank is huge – some recommended resources for Australian schools are:

Give it a try.