Term 4 Arrangements in Schools 2020






The Department of Education has circulated an operations guide for schools for term four. There are three seperate references to the school library or library materials (please do let us know if you see others).

The three references are:

Space out staff workstations as much as possible and limit the number of staff in offices. This might mean re-locating staff to other spaces (such as the library or unused classrooms). (page 18)

Schools should consider the necessity of using shared equipment at this time. Such items may include shared computers, class sets of teaching and learning materials, and musical instruments. If used, strict hand hygiene should be followed before and after use. Risk can be further minimised by users wiping down items where appropriate, for example using a disinfectant/detergent wipe or cloth.

There is no requirement for books to be placed aside for a given period after use or if loaned to students. (page 20)

Appendix 3: Quick reference of permitted school activities






You can learn more HERE

SLAV has also curated a page of resources for you to refer to, regarding library safety resources which you can access HERE. 


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