The current state of Australian school libraries

ASLA and ALIA have just released research findings on Australian school libraries and teacher librarians. A copy of the report can be accessed here.  Alarming trends regarding budgets and staffing, but many people already knew that from their own school circumstances.  As the ALIA website states, “School libraries are hovering on the poverty line.”

A similar tale in the May edition of the AEU News (Victorian branch). An article about teacher librarians is entitled “On borrowed time”. Read the article here.

Print vs online resources

The following information comes from ASLA Executive Officer Karen Bonanno:

The Australian School Library Association is hosting a free forum on its social networking space on the topic: “With the Internet fast becoming students’ first port of call when it comes to research, should I spend my budget on print resources or on online subscriptions?”

Please feel free to drop in and check out the responses to this questions submitted by your colleagues and the initial discussion here.