ToonDoo update

Since writing the post on ToonDoo in mid-December, ToonDoo has made some interesting additions and modifications to its site. An email from ‘ToonDudette’ Meera explains the following:

‘Thanks to concerns (related to inappropriate content) from many educators, we will soon be offering exclusive school domains (such as Many schools have already signed up with us for this service. Here’s how it will work:

  • We will provide a separate domain for each school (for example:
  • ONLY students of that school will be able to create toons at this domain but any one will be able to view them on the internet, embed them in blogs,wikis etc.
  • We will let the teachers completely own the editorial rights in this case. That would mean they can monitor the content, block inappropriate toons and also do the editor picks.
  • The domain will be free of charge during the beta testing phase of six months, post which there would be nominal annual charges for it.’

My understanding is that toons can still be kept private, shared with selected others or viewed publicly, depending on the wishes of the students and the school. It will be interesting to see what the ‘nominal’ charge will be. If you are interested, please contact Meera