Protect, Nurture, Grow with Web 2.0

Mount Eliza Secondary College Librarian Lynn Swannell has developed an excellent presentation for her staff on how using Web 2.0 with students can help ‘protect, nurture and grow’.
Lynn explains:

I was asked to do a presentation about Web2.0 for our staff during the ‘Ultranet’ training day – plan B!

In putting the presentation together I tried to look at how I could link Web2.0 to our school motto of “Protect, Nurture, Grow” and also incorporate alot of what I had learnt during the program. I was quite pleased with the result and had lots of positive feedback from our staff.   There have been lots of requests for up-coming ICTuesday PD sessions which is great and I made sure to ‘plug’ the ‘Sharing eLearning at MESC’ wiki that I created earlier in the program.  A number of departments have now created their own wikis to share information amongst staff within their departments, as well as some classroom wikis happening – I did tell them that they can be addictive once you get started!

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I’m going to send staff a weekly email of links that I’ve found via Twitter and various blogs (including Bright Ideas) and added to the ‘Sharing eLearning‘ wiki to keep up the interest.

Thanks Lynn for willingly sharing your excellent work yet again with readers of Bright Ideas.

Sharing eLearning at MESC

Lynn Swannell, a Librarian at Mount Eliza Secondary College has developed a very useful eLearning wiki.
MESC wiki
Lynn explains how the wiki came about:
I created this ‘Sharing eLearning at MESC’ wiki with two things in mind – teaching myself how to use Wikispaces and creating a Web2.0 sharing space for staff at Mount Eliza Secondary College.
In April 2010 I signed up to complete the 12-week SLAV ‘Personal Learning Network Program’ and during this time I have discovered (and rediscovered) a huge range of Web2.0 online tools that I wanted to share.  In the past I have emailed teachers and saved them to my Delicious account for future reference but I was looking for an easier way to make them more accessible and share them with teachers.
Since starting the program I have not only expanded my own personal learning network via my own blog (Lynn’s PLN) and reading other  blogs, nings and twitter but also gathered together some fantastic resources recommended  via these methods.  Bright Ideas is one of my favourite blogs and I’m thrilled to have been asked by Judith to contribute.  After reading about the Echuca eLearning Wiki created by Maryna Badenhorst (Bright Ideas 24 May 2010) and then learning about Wikis during week four of the program, I was inspired to create my own wiki using Wikispaces for Educators.
As you can see I have tried to group the resources into various categories and created a page for each.  The ‘Areas of Learning Links’ only has a few links at this stage but I hope to expand on it as more teachers create their own blogs, nings, wikis for their classes.  I have also added a few subject specific resources to the page.  ‘Digital Citizenship’ is an area which our school is exploring at the present and this page has been of great use recently.  The page on ‘Presentation Tools’ is one that is going to be neverending as more students and staff look for alternatives to PowerPoint – I particularly like animoto at the moment.
Our school motto is ‘Protect Nurture Grow’  which is what I hope will happen with this wiki as I launch it to staff this term and encourage them all to share in eLearning.
It is so pleasing to read that Lynn has been inspired by Maryna’s wiki featured on Bright Ideas. It is lovely to know that all staff are encouraged to share eLearning together with Lynn.