Heidi Hayes Jacobs – an Elluminate recording

Curriculum designer Heidi Hayes Jacobs was recently interviewed by Steve Hargadon in an Elluminate session.
Heidi Hayes Jacobs, editor of Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World, talks about the book, the contributors, and the ideas!
DR. HEIDI HAYES JACOBS, Executive Director of the Curriculum Mapping Institute and President of Curriculum Designers, Inc., is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of curriculum and instruction. Dr. Jacobs is the founder of Curriculum Designers, Inc., a company committed to helping educational systems implement integrated and more effective curriculum. She has served as an education consultant to schools nationally and internationally. She works with schools K-12 on issues and practices pertaining to: curriculum reform, instructional strategies to encourage critical thinking, and strategic planning.
This recording has now been made available to the public (go right to the bottom of the page linked for the recording link). Even if you have found Elluminate to be blocked in your school, recordings usually are easy to access. If you are interested in educational reform, then this one hour session is a must see!

Australia Series professional learning

The Australia Series is a professional learning opportunity that has been developed by Steve Hargadon and a group of Australian educators.

Providing free access to online professional learning and conferencing via Elluminate, all sessions will be held in Australian-friendly times and offer topics that are relevant to Australian teachers.

Accessed via the LearnCentral Australia Series group, the aim is to have (at least) weekly Elluminate sessions. If you join the LearnCentral Australia Series group, you can join discussions, add your own events and see what other events are planned and use links provided to enter the Elluminate sessions. ¬†Of course you do not have to ‘attend’ all scheduled sessions. You can select sessions that are relevant or appeal to you and those that fit into your schedule. (Remember to keep a note of all sessions ‘attended’ for teacher registration purposes.)

Australia series

This professional learning resource is highly recommended and is freely available to all Australian educators. (Please note you will need to have Java installed on the computer you are using as well as a headset for communication in Elluminate).

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