Glogster is a Web 2.0 resource where users can create their own posters.  The Glogster website says that you can ‘mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into slick Glogs.’

Glogster home
Glogster home

Glogster has recently announced Glogster Education, specifically designed with schools in mind.

Education home
Education home

According to the Education Glogs site:

  1. Glogster is also a perfect web 2.0 tool for your learning and your wikis
  2. Glogster provides master-accounts for teachers integrating all student accounts. Click for detailed info.
  3. Register your class and try education 2.0 now. EDU accounts are PRIVATE. 

Here is an example of a student created glog for a school assignment. Students will love the way they can be creative with their glogs and teachers will love the results. Ideas for glogs are:

  • Imagine glogs promoting books rather than the good old book review?
  • Glogs could also be used in Tech Foods, Design and Technology and Business Studies for marketing products
  • Photography and art students could make collages of their work
  • SOSE/Humanities classes studying geography could make glogs advertising places to visit. 

Glogs can be total multimedia experiences complete with photos, graphics, videos, text and music. This is a promotional video for Glogster, but it does give some idea of how it can be used.

Thanks to Julie Squires of Casey Grammar School for alerting Bright Ideas to Glogster.

3 thoughts on “Glogster

  1. Hi,
    Glogster sounds great and I’ve registered my class, but I’m unable to start creating glogs. When I go to the create glog page I only get a message that I need to update my flash player (I get the same message when I try to view them).

    I’ve gone onto the Adobe flash player install page about 10 times now and keep installing it but it is still not working. I’m using Windows Vista and Internet Explorer.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and how did you fix it?

    Ms Frizz

  2. Currently doing the whole WEB 2.0 thing and this is definately one that I’ll come back to! The video clip gives a great overview of Glogster.

  3. I teach yr 6 and can see some opportunities to be really creative. We have just studied biographies so love the look of the example website environmental heroes. Very cool. Louise

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